Be involved with your children, listen to them, communicate safety messages, attend school and sports events, etc. Learn about primary prevention of abuse and help your children to understand who they can talk to if they ever need help. Attend safety events as a family.


Openly communicate safety messages with your spouse/partner. Express the value of respect in your relationships. Set clear family rules together and open communication. Attend safety events as a couple.


Learn about prevention and who your resources are. Listen to your loved ones and be an active bystander, do not be judgmental if someone discloses abuse or discusses abuse.


Respect personal space and avoid harassing comments, messages, etc. Encourage your employer to welcome prevention programs and prevention materials in the office.

We all play a unique role in educating and protecting our children, tune into your role and discover ways to help create safe environments. Support positive and healthy messages and forms of media. Be active in safety and awareness. Be open in communication relating to safety. Be aware that you do make a difference!

La Piñon staff and advocates provide responsive, flexible presentations and professional training sessions concerning sexual assault issues and safety. If you think it would be beneficial to host a La Piñon presentation, please request a presentation or get in touch.